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People Sent To Hospital Due To The ‘Boiling Water Challenge’

People Sent To Hospital Due To The ‘Boiling Water Challenge’

Nowadays, the ‘boiling water challenge’ that is going viral is causing harm to so many people, sending them in the hospitals. The interesting science experiment may be attractive to many people, but at the same time, it has sent many people to the emergency room. People throw water in the air and it turns to ice. Watching this is fun, but there are many injuries caused to people in these cold weathers.

After this challenge, eight people have been treated in the burn center of Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, amongst those who participated. The injured ones had many injuries on arms, feet, face and hands, with varying degrees of burns. The people who got hurt included the people who were a part of the challenge as well as the ones who were watching the stunts.

In many cases, the parents or adults brought children along with them. The children got excited and jumped in the way of the parents, which ultimately hurt both. Many times, the people had no intention to get hurt, but when they threw water in the air, it fell back on them with the gust of wind.

Due to a breakdown in the polar vortex, the temperatures in the US had gone below freezing. The temperatures in Chicago went down to minus 21. If anyone stands bare skin in such cold weather, they can have severe problems. Doctors warn that people should not take this risk of having uncovered skin.

Getting water on the uncovered skin is even more dangerous because it accelerates the freezing of skin while increasing the chances of causing skin injury. When water freezes on your skin, it is a bigger risk, as said by the doctors. So, people should take precautions.

Doctors say that treatment depends on the severity of the burns. For most of the people, the burn is on their hands. It causes pain, blister and even skin grafts in the skin of the people. So, if you want to enjoy this challenge, watch its video but don’t try it yourself.

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